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THALIA is an executive coaching and consulting service that empowers lawyers, physicians, and legal and healthcare professionals to become wise, conscious and influential leaders.

The helping professions need…

People like YOU

Skilled, insightful leaders. Professionals who serve humanity and solve problems wisely with discernment, compassion and care. Strategic thinkers who lead with vision and presence.

People like US

Executive coaches with expertise in the legal and healthcare fields. Partners and guides in your leadership journey. Trusted advisors who provide tools, inspiration and guidance.

Anu Osborne and Vanita Bellen

Anu Osborne

Lawyer, Physician and Executive Coach

Vanita Bellen

Executive and Physician Coach

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The world needs…

Wise, Conscious Leadership

We are in the midst of great change. And nowhere are wise, conscious and influential leaders more needed than in the legal and healthcare fields. They are called upon to help governments, institutions, communities, groups and individuals – often at their most challenging times and in their most vulnerable states. Leaders in these fields must consistently perform collaboratively and compassionately at peak levels in fast-changing and highly-demanding environments.

THALIA executive coaching will develop your leadership presence. You will handle challenging situations with confidence and poise. You will make sound, caring decisions. You will communicate effectively and impact your teams, coworkers and relationships positively. You will inspire the people around you.

Engage and Flourish

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Sessions tailored to your needs will deepen your leadership knowledge and skills. You will develop insights and qualities that will make you flourish as leaders in your professions and in your communities.

Team Coaching

We will empower your teams, engage your leaders and transform your organizations. You will build trust and increase accountability and grow collectively.

Training & Facilitation

Through our training and leadership facilitation, you and your teams will learn the art and science of leadership, hone your leadership skills and find your authentic leadership style. We offer workshops and facilitation that will enhance your leadership development process.


We wanted to provide our physician leaders with a unique learning experience to better understand themselves and how they lead. Anu and Vanita spent time asking questions, offering suggestions and together we developed a plan for our leadership retreat. We had each physician take an Enneagram personality assessment, and our retreat centered around exploring how different personality types inform our communication and leadership styles.

The physicians were highly engaged and gained new awareness of themselves and their colleagues. It was a great step toward helping them mature as leaders.

Dr. David R. Theil, MD

Anesthesiologist, US Anesthesia Partners
Chairman, Department of Anesthesia, Rose Medical Center
, Denver