Our Approach

At THALIA, we believe that wise, conscious leadership development has the potential for lasting impact and will change our world for the better.

Leadership is an Action and a State of Being

Wise leaders align what they think, feel, say and do. They are emotionally and socially aware and put the well-being of those they serve and lead at the forefront.

Wise and conscious leadership requires skills, knowledge and personal qualities that are based on intelligent, intuitive thinking and heartfelt engagement. It requires empowering others and making a commitment to a better future for all. True leadership begins with you, but impacts the whole world.

Illustration showing intuitive, spiritual, cognative, and emotional branches

Maximize Your Leadership Potential

THALIA’s approach to leadership coaching and consulting blends presence-based practices and the principles of the Enneagram – a powerful and dynamic system for transformative change – with evidence-based techniques. These are drawn from behavioral science, neuroscience, conflict resolution, collaboration, emotional and social intelligence, resiliency, mindfulness, wellness, leadership and development.

Our leadership development approach will maximize your leadership potential, explore new leadership skills and develop your leadership qualities by tapping into the multiple levels of intelligence – cognitive, emotional, intuitive and spiritual – that are part of human neurophysiology and design. Your education, expertise, training, learned behaviors and inherent personality traits will be reframed by introducing perspectives and tools that make you expand your capacities, re-envision yourself, your relationships and your work.

The Point of Integration – where the professional and personal intersect, where the practical and profound meet and where deep transformation occurs.

Enhance Your Leadership Presence

Leadership development can be approached at any level. We believe in deep integration. Our creative and dynamic approach strengthens your Point of Integration – where the professional and personal intersect, where the practical and profound meet and where deep transformation occurs. Our goal is to support you in this deeper work of transformational leadership development.

Insightful questioning, thoughtful counsel and feedback encourage self-awareness and reflection that help you uncover your blind spots, your limiting beliefs and your leadership gifts and talents. Your thoughts, words and deeds will be built on heightened creativity, insight and wisdom. You will accelerate your leadership development and flourish professionally and personally.

Transform Your Leadership

We develop a schedule and a period of engagement that meet your needs. Our work with you could include exercises in self-observation and self-reflection, reading and practices designed to integrate new ways of thinking, acting and being.

My work with Anu has been transformative. Anu’s high level coaching is a natural extension of her broad and diverse expertise, ranging from mindfulness and the Enneagram, to conflict resolution and the law. She is graceful and astute. Through our work together, I have an invigorated sense of self and an emboldened sense of purpose, and strategy to stay true to both.

Dr. Lauren Harrington, MD
OB/GYN Physician, Denver, Colorado