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How To Develop Cultural Intelligence

If you are a lawyer or physician, you likely work with clients or patients who differ from you in gender, race, physical ability and socioeconomic status. Unfortunately, conflicts and misunderstandings may arise from these differences. You can expand your ability to work with diverse individuals and teams by developing your cultural intelligence. In this post, we… Read More

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Work-Life Balance for Leaders

Leaders are the “strong ones” who “have it all together,” right? After all, they’re entrusted with guiding their team or organization to success. Surely they’ve perfected the art of work-life balance! This stereotype is inaccurate at best and, at worst, harmful. Plenty of leaders struggle to fulfill work, family and community responsibilities and still find… Read More

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Leading with the Enneagram

Discover how the Enneagram can reveal your leadership qualities and growth opportunities Lawyers and physicians often feel driven to take on work beyond normal client or patient loads. Many seek – or find themselves in – leadership positions. Society perpetuates the myth of the “born leader,” which implies that some “have what it takes” while… Read More