I had the privilege of being coached by Anu following a leadership development course.  Anu emboldened and lead me to more in-depth self-awareness, and brought me to the next level of personal achievement and professional leadership. I was given skills that I could not have found otherwise. I became more aware of those I lead who may require a different approach in order to excel. The experience also brought me great joy – to discover and honor my authentic self. I feel extremely fortunate to have been coached by Anu, and highly recommend her to anyone seeking more knowledge on how one can achieve their fullest potential both personally and professionally.  

Kori Leman
Physician Assistant
Blue Sky Neurology, Denver 

I sought out coaching so that I could live my life with greater intentionality. With the Enneagram as a guide, Anu walked me through decision-making in the head, heart, and body, and gave me the ability to go from making unconscious decisions to conscious decisions that have powerful intent. Her ability to listen to a narrative and pull out recurrent themes truly helped me reflect and recognize distortions in my thinking, which has allowed me to flourish and grow both personally and professionally. I’m exceptionally grateful for her insight and gentle guidance.

Stephanie Kruger
Healthcare Leader
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Springdale 

It has been a pleasure working with you, Vanita over the past year and a half. I have appreciated your ability to meet me where I am at. You calm the central nervous system and allow growth to take place without fear and shame. You have a warmth that comes with no ego and that allows me to direct where and how fast I want to go. Thank you, Vanita for creating a safe space for me to share myself in an authentic way and offer gentle and wise wisdom along the way. I could not have grown to this place that I currently am at without this care from you. 

Tara Rynders, MA, RN

I was fortunate to be able to work with Vanita for executive coaching. I sought coaching because I wanted to improve my leadership skills as our facility grew from 10 people to close to 100 people in a very short period of time. Vanita started by having me do the Enneagram and it was more helpful than I ever could have imagined. She helped increase my confidence and gave me so many tools to deal with specific situations we discussed and I will forever be grateful for her wisdom and all that she taught me.

Ramona Weatherford​​
Regional Managing Director of Operations
Eating Recovery Center

Anu coached me through a significant career change. I’m thankful for the empathetic approach she takes in her work, which helped me understand my underlying values and motivations. Her coaching and mentorship helped me feel grounded and self-assured while taking a huge leap of faith in my professional life. 

Brittney Fehr
Partner, Fehr Manghebati Law

Anu has provided exceptionally complex coaching in a way that is peaceful, graceful, but also productive through complex assessments of thought processes and personal values. The grounding nature of these sessions was so welcomed and the intentional self-reflection was invaluable and provided elements of long-lasting wisdom that I will carry forward. She is a true pleasure to work with and her gifts are exceptional. 

Dr. Allison Staley 
Denver, Colorado